Reflect Infrared, More Visible Light, and Long Lasting

Color Sea Pearl
Light Transmission 44%
Visible Light Transmission 18%
Heat Transmission 20.2%
Solar Heat Gain Co - effciant 0.202
Shading Co - efficient 0.232
Standard Weight 2400 gsm - 4880 gsm
Warranty 30 years
Special Properties

Ampelite’s WonderCOOL IR® translucent roof and wall sheets with Sea Pearl color reflects infrared rays while allowing superb Visible Light into the building and provides extra durable insulation (low heat transmission)

Top Coat

100 microns of MAXIL® Shield and Dupont MELINEX® Film

Bottom Coat

Dupont MELINEX® Film


Ampelite’s WonderCOOL IR® is suitable for tall building and strong wind area
- Supercenter / Mega Store
- Department Store / Commercial Building
- Green Building

The Achievable Standard

AS 4256.3:2006
Licence No. SMKB 20629 TIS. 612-2549

The Certified Quality

ISO 9001:2008
Certification No. TH 007145

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